FitLife Total Face CPAP Mask With Headgear By Philips Respironics (Size Large)

The FitLife total face mask is designed to provide hard-to-fit CPAP patients with the comfort they deserve. Because this mask is easy to fit, use, and seal, it gives you the assurance you need to become compliant with your therapy and get a good night of rest. Providing a complete face seal, this CPAP mask is not designed for every user.

Built of a latex-free material, the FitLife offers a robust seal around the less pressure-sensitive perimeter of the face to avoid disrupting your view. Its advanced headgear with easy-to-use snap clips and EZ Peel tabs simplify application and removal because pressure and flow inside the mask are equalized, eye irritation is minimized. The built-in radial diffusion leak ports deflect exhaled air away from your bed partner and provide quiet operation. Ensuring you receive a peaceful night of sleep!

This easy-to-fit mask provides the seal and comfort you need to work toward compliance, something so often thought of as difficult for CPAP users who have faced mask fitting challenges. Available in Size Large

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Type: Masks

Vendor: Philips Repironics

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