Gecko Nasal Pad For CPAP Mask Comfort By ResMed

Are you experiencing irritation on your nose from your CPAP mask? The Gecko nasal mask pad by ResMed is a product designed to alleviate this common CPAP problem. The silicone seal of your mask, especially if it is not cleaned frequently, can cause redness and irritation on the bridge of your nose. This is most common with new users because the skin in that area is very sensitive and has not adjusted to having a silicone seal on it nightly.

A user may experience pain and discomfort on and around the bridge of the nose or other areas of their face associated with using nasal CPAP masks or full face CPAP masks. These occurrences may be attributed to over-tightening the headgear straps or using a mask that doesn't have a good overall fit. Every CPAP user has different facial structures as well as different skin textures and finding the right mask is like buying a comfortable fitting pair of shoes; it takes patience and good advice.

The Gecko Nasal Pad is used much like a shoe insert or foam insole. The shoes you own may fit pretty good but they feel more comfortable when you put a nice pair of inserts inside of them. The same theory applies to this product line in that it acts as a cushion between the user's face and their CPAP mask.

The protective polymer gel pad is hypoallergenic, latex, and silicone-free, and with proper care can be used multiple times. The product was designed to be placed as shown in the instructions across the bridge of the nose. Each person's face is different so take your time and place the pad on your face so that it covers the affected areas where you are experiencing discomfort or leaks then place the mask over the pad and tighten the straps on the CPAP mask. Don't over tighten the straps but ensure that they are applying enough pressure to provide a seal with no air leaking around the pad or your mask.

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Vendor: ResMed

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